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Shippensburg- April 2002

Gregory Drabura writes on NS Hagerstown activity in November 2003

> > Currently around 20 trains run down NS's Hagerstown > secondary > (Hagerstown-Shippensburg) daily. > This is the most busy line around Hagerstown and it > sees the strongest > future. Currently NS runs three daily intermodal > trains in each direction. > Sometimes this includes 25A and 26A which are UPS > trains over the Northeast > Corridor but also run via Hagerstown sometimes. Six > daily mixed freights > runs as well, three in each direction. NS and CSX > run coal trains, some > that were already on this line and some that were > rerouted after the 2000 > closure of Chambersburg street running. One or two > a day including empties > is the max normally. CSX runs a local up to > Culbertston Pa. and back, > particularily on Monday nights although also a few > other times a week. It > is a push/pull operation to Shippensburg and then it > doubles back into > Letterkenny army depot. NS also has a local up to > Shippensburg. This > serves several customers including Martins elevator > in Hagerstown and CV > coop in Shippensburg. Cars are interchanged in > Chambersburg for industries > on the CSX Lurgan sub around Brandon. Some cars > bound for Greencastle go on > this train as well. This train consists of two > locomotives, generally one > on each end; a good 10-15 covered hoppers for grain > and plastics; a boxcar; > and a gondola. Usually the train count on this line > is slightly lower than > 20 but it may be that high on some days with extras. > > Locomotives on these trains are varied. Almost all > NS trains have > D9-40CW's. Some times standard cab D9-40's are > spotted, C40-8's, C39-8 > (particularily in intermodal service), SD70M (I've > spotted ones with flared > radiators as well as regular). One pair of the > intermodal trains normally > has four GP60's. . Lately I've spotted Dash > 9-40CW's and SD60I's on some > intermodal trains as well. On mixed's I've spotted > SD50's and spartan cabed > 70's, and regular SD60's appear also. Ex-Conrail > C40-8W's appear quite > regularily as well. > > The local sees the best power. Highhooded GP38-2's > I've spotted along with > GP38AC's. GP59 occasionally appear as well as a > pair of SD40-2's. I've > even spotted SD60's on the local. > > Coal drags sees a mixed bag of units from Dash 9's > to SD70's. > > I have spotted UP SD70M'S and C44-9W's as well as > GP60's and BNSF C44-9W's. > Mainly on the Birmingham-Allentown mixed freights. > > Coal drags off CSX almost always see AC4400's, and > sometimes spot AC6000's > and SD80MAC's. Once in awhlie a C40-8W. > > CSX's locals bound for Culbertston use a GP40-2 and > GP30 or GP35 slugset. > > This line will see a long term traffic jump and may > again be double tracked. > The rail in most places was layed in 2000 along > with the signals

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